Whether you have stumbled here on your own or perhaps dragged by the ankles by one of our happy go lucky members, we welcome you to the Crooked Mile. We as a Free Company strive to focus on having FUN in whatever way our members enjoy. From having a growing array of crafters, crafting projects, and benches, to working on the true endgame (glory be to Glam). For those of us with a bit more blood thirst, we also are working on forming static raid groups for pushing new and harder content. All in all we strive to be a close knit community, looking forward to logging on and hanging out which each other whether we’re neighbors IRL or across the world.

We have a Medium FC house currently, full of food, music, and vendors. Should you have need of crafting services we have 3 fantastic FC crafters happy to help (just get the mats!). We have mentors of a wide variety and we love getting together and farming things like mounts just for fun.

If you have any questions or just want to chat us up for a bit and get to know us better, feel free to message any of the ASKEW tag people, we’ll get you pointed in the right way 🙂

Latest News

While all of the info has been broken up into several smaller patches, we finally have the official notation for 4.1, even if it’s prelim. If you wanted to see the full scale of whats to come for this 4.1 “arc” Be sure to check out “The Legends Return” site itself found below:

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4.1 Updated News!

Looks like 4.1 is shaping up to be pretty substantial. SE released a website early this morning (9/21/2017) to be constantly updated as they release new info about the patch. We still have no set date yet but they’ve shared with us a bit more to whet the palatte: Main Storyline Quests: Seems to be […]

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The Return of the Yokai

Aaaaaaand it’s back folks. The grind of grinds. Welcome, to the Yokai event. Here’s a short summary of the event for you: Equip the given yokai watch from the questline (Starts in Uldah, Steps of Nald: 9x,9y approximately). Then, look through your Yokai Compendium for the medals you’d like to achieve. THEN SPAM THE HELL […]

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Patch 4.05

Current Patch Notes
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